Move blocks between sheets, maintaining references

I have my schematic broken up into sheets, but have changed my mind about how things are broken up. I would like to move a block from one sheet to another. If I save / paste, all the references change back to R?, U?, multi-unit ICs default to unit A, etc.

I need to move while keeping the references.

I read somewhere that File -> Append Schematic Sheet would accomplish this. I tried it, but they were reset to defaults, same as if I had saved and pasted.

Is there a way do to this?

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It seems the only way is the Append method.
Re-annotate by hand exactly like it was (I use a PDF export of the previous schematic).
Take care to update the layout in Pcbnew with option “Re-associate footprints by reference”.
Temporary it does the job. The good news it that the association is not lost even if unique ID are lost.

Has there been a better way of doing this yet in Kicad? I’m having the same problem. Simply moving my circuit block (cut and paste) from one sheet to another resets all the refdes’s!

You will have to be patient, the schematic application is being greatly improved in the future V6, but it will be well into 2020 before that version is fit for serious use.


The thread is two years old, and I’m quite certain I wasn’t the first to ask.


You were not. Unfortunately the V5 release focus was about the pcb application, leaving the schematic mostly untouched. V6 is introducing big changes for the better

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I have the same problem again… As a manual temporary fix, do you think it would be possible to transfer the contents by means of a text editor?

Using a text editor is possible.

I have also tried 5.99 (the development version leading to 6.0). I opened the project temporarily with 5.99, taking care that I don’t open the layout or do any other changes. Then I could copy and use Paste or Paste Special (there are controls for keeping or removing references in Paste Special) . Then I immediately saved and closed.

It’s possible to use 5.99 temporarily for a 5.1 project because the schematic file format hasn’t been changed yet after version 5.1 (at the time of writing this message; this may not be the case later).

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This still exists in 6.0.4 :frowning:

Edit: Scratch that! Instead of just ctrl+c and ctrl+v, you can copy then “paste special” via the Edit dropdown menu. This allows to keep references. Woohoo!