Move blocks between sheets, maintaining references


I have my schematic broken up into sheets, but have changed my mind about how things are broken up. I would like to move a block from one sheet to another. If I save / paste, all the references change back to R?, U?, multi-unit ICs default to unit A, etc.

I need to move while keeping the references.

I read somewhere that File -> Append Schematic Sheet would accomplish this. I tried it, but they were reset to defaults, same as if I had saved and pasted.

Is there a way do to this?



It seems the only way is the Append method.
Re-annotate by hand exactly like it was (I use a PDF export of the previous schematic).
Take care to update the layout in Pcbnew with option “Re-associate footprints by reference”.
Temporary it does the job. The good news it that the association is not lost even if unique ID are lost.