Mouse Jumping Feature Removal


Doubtful, but my current version 7 licence won’t ever change so at least I know where I stand so long as I don’t upgrade. The balance may indeed change in the future if and when Eagle 7 no longer does what I need for whatever reason, which is why I said I might reassess KiCAD in a few years’ time.


as I said before, no problem… stay with your ecad and with its peculiarities…

anyway your choice is countercurrent and many users have chosen KiCad not because of licence issues, but for its high level of features…

so no problem at all from my side…


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as I said before, no problem… stay with your ecad and with its peculiarities… [/quote]
Indeed I will. There’s no such thing as perfect software, all you can do is stick with the option that causes you the least problems.

Current fashions and trends aren’t really a good way to decide what’s the best solution for any problem. I constantly use and develop software for platforms long since disappeared from mainstream, not because they’re current when they’re clearly not, but because they’re either the best tool for the job, or I have a personal preference for them and my work doesn’t suffer for that choice.

For the work I’m doing I don’t think I’ll ever need a feature that KiCAD has that is missing from Eagle - I’m unlikely to stress either package when it comes to my needs. If it does ever happen though and I have no other alternative, I will of course use KiCAD. I don’t bear grudges or anything, and am rarely dictated by anything other than practicality when it comes to choosing tools for a particular job.

Same here :slight_smile: As I said before, I kinda expected this sort of response as it’s common with very niche software.


I’m not talking of fashions but real data… a lot of downloading, community people, alive forum, real projects done with KiCad, manufacturers starting to include KiCad in their database, etc…

Moreover, if you are here probably you are not completely satisfied with your ecad … anyway not trying to convince who doesn’t want to be convinced :wink:


I am locking this thread before it degenerates into personal abuse :cop: