Most used settings in Symbol Properties

In eeschema, when you open the Symbol Properties dialog (‘e’), what are the 3-most changed settings?


For me: value and footprint field plus adding a house part number (if i don’t already have a fully specified symbol for that particular part. If i have a fully specified symbol then i don’t need to open that dialog at all.)

I don’t think i ever used any of the other settings of this dialog.

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For me, after the unsuccessful format change it has been the Library Symbol :slight_smile: Otherwise, Value and Footprint, which already are well served by the direct context menu items.

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Pretty much the same as the others: Value, House partnumber, Change symbol.

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What they wrote ^^^ :slight_smile:

I probably change “Reference” more often than anything else, though “Value” can’t be far behind. If I change “Value”, there’s a significant chance I’ll also change “Footprint”, or “Datasheet”. And, to be honest, I don’t recall whether I’m more likely to change these settings via the “Properties” dialog, or use the choices in the drop-down menu. If several settings need to be changed - e.g., the first time I use a particular symbol on a schematic - I definitely open “Properties” rather than selecting several choices in the drop-down menu.


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Thanks for the replies, folks.

When I press ’ e ’ on a component I get a pretty big “Component Properties” window. Not a “Symbol Properties” window (In 4.07).
I would prefer all field names and values to be editable directly in the white box in a similar way like a spreadsheet table.

I sometimes change some of the “fields” such as changing the Value / Footprint / Datasheet.
I can’t remember ever changing the other settings.
While playing with the settings. Just changed the “Chip Name” of a Resistor " R " to a Capacitor " C ".
This might be a handy funcion if you have some symbols for similar but different components.

On my schematic’s the values or Resitors Y capacitors and such are often quite near (for resistors in) the symbol.
If I press edit ’ e ’ on the text it always asks “Clarify selection: Field value / component”.
Because values of resistors are edited quite frequently during a design this is slightly annoying.
I would much prefer to just edit the value
I haven’t seen a component which can not be selected next to the text.
Oops. Simply hitting: ’ v ’ for “Value” works now.
Many thanks to all the great KiCad engineers. Lot’s of the old bug’s and their annoyances are dissapearing.
(And I’m getting more faimilar with KiCad’s workflow for the 2 PCB’s I draw in a year.)

But I’ll wait untill KiCad 5 is officially out and I’m familiar with it before giving more feedback.

We’ve been a bit loose with our terminology, with both “symbol” and “component” used in eeschema, and both “footprint” and “module” used in pcbnew (and at least one instance of “component” again). 5.0 moves towards standardising on symbol and footprint, so the dialog in question has been renamed “Symbol Properties”.


Value, Footprint, Footprint visibilty (unchecked).

Most of the time having footprints visibility set to “ON” creates such visual clutter that I’d happily vote for “OFF” being the default setting.


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