Molex RJ45 09500 12881 3D model?

I’ve create my fantastic PCB in 6.0 but I can’t find a 3D model for the RJ45 sockets I use, and my stand-in look-alike is just not quite right. Here’s a link to the exact part. It’s obsolete but I bought up big, and there are clones out there too, so a 3D model should have universal appeal.

All help will be muchly appreciated, and I will learn how to make a model myself when I find some time! Here’s my board

Have you looked on the grabcad site?

That’s not the only one, you should do a search with “rj45” on the site.

No idea if any of those are suitable, and have the right dimensions. Also you may have to use FreeCAD and the KiCad workbench to convert to something usable by KiCad (there’s a FAQ for that) but you have a starting point.

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it seems your code is obsolete


Modular Jack, Right-Angle, Low Profile, 8/8
Status: Obsolete obsolete

This should be a replacement
from there you can download the original 3D part

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Woo Hoo!

Thanks for that link Maui. RetiredFeline’s suggestion gave me something close, but not 100% correct (thanks RF). To be honest, I knew Molex had lots of docs for each part, but I hadn’t seen the link you provided, nor did Google find it either. Yes, it’s an obsolete part! What was interesting was that I needed a lot of twists and turns to get the part oriented just right. The image below shows the machinations required to place it correctly.

Here’s the end of my board with the Molex .stp model 3D model - Yes, I’ll have to trim the leads on the green two pin connector before adding the RJ45 - but that’s the density requirement for this project. I’ll also have to 3D-print a part to glue over USB SMD part because it’s actually outside the case. More fun and games getting to that stage!

You may see a blue part hanging over the PCB behind the RJ45 - it’s a (stand-in) vertical trimpot on a 5.0/2.5mm layout - I’d love to know where to find that 3D model - here’s the horizontal version of the part

not having the element code, it is a bit difficult to get the right 3d model…
this could be a similar one
grabcad trimmer-potentiometer-rm065

EDIT: oops I see you need the vertical one… sorry

for Bourns trimpot 3d models yo can have a look at:
bourns resources design-tools design-files

3329X seems similar to your vertical trimpot

Thanks everyone. I found my (potential*) perfect match at Grabcad

(*) Sorry, couldn’t resist a pun! It’s my PERFECT match.

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