Molex angled KK type footprint?



curious if someone made a library for the molex KK type with angled connector.
I can’t seams to find it and a bit too lazy to make my own foot print today…

thats the one I’m looking for.

since molex has many names for the series 7478, models KK 254, and even a different name for part# the kicad format footprint is probably out there but I’ve missed it…

if not I`ll make my own this weekend and learn to perfect mastering stepup again :slight_smile:


Right now we don not have these in the official lib. The vertical connectors are scripted using this script:


I made some i while ago. Maybe you can use them as a starting point:

Feel free to use them as you like.


Thanks @SnowMB !!

I guess I should use the regular KK connector library shema and then in PCBnew simply swap with your 3d ?


In schema i always used the generic connector with enough pins. Then choose one of my footprints. There are also step 3d models included, but you have to re-enable them yourself i think. I worked with a dedicated environment variable for my private library. But you can see the transformation in the footprint file.


what version are this library made for ? I’m still running 4.07 at the office and when I try to import I get invalid… guess it’s version reason ?!


Might be. I’ve done this in 5.0


yea, works perfectly on 5!
Thank you sir :slight_smile:


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