Modules Github or Kicad

Hello again, same old issues with KiCad module libraries.

I just updated to V4.0.7 on windows 7 64 bit. This has re-written the fptable to give all modules Github as source rather than Kicad, which I prefer as then the libraries remain stable and unchanged if the Github version is altered. The KISYSMOD points to C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\modules, but the list in the fptable shows: ${KIGITHUB}/Buttons_Switches_SMD.pretty for the button SMD switch. All other entries are listed as ${KIGITHUB}/xxxxxxx.

All of the MOD files are in the Kicad folder in share as always and do appear when the library is selected which is a big improvement on earlier versions where they needed loading first.

Is there a global way to make the mod files local? Despite being installed with the package there is no obvious way, other than editing the fptable file, to make them local, or have I missed some vital point?

In the past I have copied the fptable_for_ pretty from the template folder but this seems a bit extreme if there is a better way.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

don’t let kicad overwrite your settings/libraries, when you install/update with the newest version?

That’s what I do:

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Thanks Joan_Sparky, but on a first installation it would leave the libraries at Github. Maybe there could be a choice for local or github libraries when the wizard does its stuff?

The head-honcho for the libs says this (and letting you in on the rabbit-hole that is KiCAD development in regards to this):

So, stuff is moving, but it’s a slow + democratic + messy process, that’s not easy.
It takes time.

I you’re ok with an external script, this will download all the .pretty repos.

But, you have to have git installed on your system.

or just follow the tutorial by @bobc:

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