Module keepout?

I see that this has been discussed earlier, but nothing seems to have happened? Is there still no way to define keepout areas in the module editor?

In the KiCad 4.x you can draw a courtyard area (top and bottom) and margin. Of course there is still no design rules violation check in this respect.

But in this case, I need several keepout areas within the footprint. The footprint is for the Hirose Micro SD connector:

I define keepout areas for footprints on the Cmts.User layer and then draw keepout areas during layout phase.

Ah, yes. That, however inelegant, would be a way :slight_smile: Good point in having the actual SD-card indicated. Must do that!

(By “inelegant” I mean that KiCAD should be able to handle this)

The brave Dev team is working on EEschema currently… even they themselves probably don’t know if and when they can implement zones in footprints, so better get used to the ‘inelegant’ (but flexible) workaround for the time being - or if you have a foible for coding try to put it into the code. :wink:

OK. :wink: I’d love to help out, but my coding skills are probably not good enough.