Modularizing circuit blocks


Hello all,

I find myself often building very similar circuit blocks, but don’t know of any way to save part of a schematic in a “block” which can then be imported as a whole.
For example a power circuit containing a buck converter, resistors, caps, connectors and whatever could be included in that block.
Is there a way to do this already? Or could it be included in a future version? It would be sort of like building code blocks in modules, but with electronic components.
Like building a circuit block with footprints and maybe even pre-alligning its components in PCB layout editor beforehand, plug and play.
Also, is it possible to copy sections from one project to another?

I think this would be a really really really reeeeeeeeeally nice feature :-)))


You can achieve some of that by using hierarchical sheets.

There is a feature request to extend that to include pcb layout:


Hi, how would you accomplish this reuse with hiearachicla sheets? Can you export sheets between projects?


A hierarchical sheet has its own .sch file into the project folder. Copy that file on a new project folder. Create a hierarchical sheet in the new schematic pointing to the .sch file just copied.


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