Mod nominations

I like @der.ule. Been around awhile and is usually on point.

That would give us 2 European time zones if I get my guess right. Asian may need most help. Probably spammer mills in that region. Us, or me, would be the last time zone to consider.

Edit: Better to make sure @ChrisGammell sees the thread.

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I like @hermit too! :slight_smile: I’m not in Europe anymore, I moved to a UTC +4 timezone, I would gladly do mod tasks, however I have to say that in the years that I have been around, I haven’t seen a “fresh” spam, mostly they have been dealt with when I see them.

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Yes, we need more chars to fight spam!

I’m in “Eastern Europe”. Very rarely I see clear spam posts in threads, most are flagged already when I get to them. But certainly more people who can delete spam and even blatant spammer accounts wouldn’t hurt.

Offtopic: When a first time writer is clearly and obviously only a spammer and nothing else, I just delete the account. They are surprisingly common. I haven’t kept records but I haven’t seen them coming back.

That’s because we level 4 janitors work long hard hours. :grinning:

How do you know whether they come back (with a new account) or not?

And also, I am not sure if it is even possible to completely delete accounts from within the discourse software. It puts (almost?) everything in git (or some other VCS). For example, when a post has been edited, I see a little pencil in the upper right corner, and clicking on it shows a diff of the current and older versions.

Deleted user accounts may be unavailable, but I assume that the old posts of the user, together with account information and who deleted the account is all being logged by the system.

I don’t see similar messages soon. I think it’s easier for them to move to a next target.

We have shared some insights out of public view as to not tip our hand on how we recognize some of this stuff. Our tool kit as mods is a little deeper.

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But we get triple loading on holidays… :rofl:

But still no hats to keep the rivulets of perspiration from running down our faces as we toil.

Hmm. Maybe it’s time to start conscription? :wink:

It would be handy to find someone who can read Korean.

@ChrisGammell The site is picking up. I think we need to make some appointments.

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??? This seems to have dropped off the radar.

Recently I spotted a “fresh” spam and flagged it as such. A few hours later I noticed that it was no longer getting views. Curious, I looked at the Discourse docs on trust level privileges and found this:

  • TL3 spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately hide the post

When I was at university, my D&D character was a mage, so the idea that I’d “cast” a spam flag amused me. More practically, this means that TL3 (“Regular”) members can also play a significant role in stemming spam.

Indeed it did. Welcome to the team @der.ule

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Welcome @der.ule to the moderators team

Woohoo! Thank you! I’ll try to do my best