MLPQ Package Footprint

I want to make the footprint for a MLPQ package and KiCad offers us to make custom footprint from some commonly used packages like QFN,QFP, etc. but not MLPQ package. So, I wanted to ask if I can use one of these already available footprint generators to make my footprint. If yes, then which one ?

As a part time enthusiast I don’t fully understand some of the nomenclature myself but have learned that dropping a letter sometimes gets me closer to what I want.

IMHO IC packages are one of the most confusing aspects of electronic circuit design. The manufacturers each are doing their own thing. Any useful agreement in designations and dimensioning is spotty.

One thing which offers some help is Digikey’s two selector columns, of which one says Package/Case and the other is Supplier Device Package. Those two columns can be helpful in finding similarities. I would not rely on this information by itself but it is a start. Ultimately you need to examine the footprint dimensions. My take on the situation is that it is dimension dementia.

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For the footprints there is not much difference between QFN, QFP MLPQ and maybe some others. They are mostly a bunch of pads in a square.

The footprint wizards generate footprints which are then put in the footprint editor for further editing and so you can put them in a library.

So I think you can just use QFN or QFP and get the pad sizes and locations right and then adjust the rest such as silkscreen and the center pad manually.

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