Mixed 3D Model Offset Units in KiCad V4 and V5

I just setup a footprint with 3D model in KiCad 5.

Then I wanted to use that footprint in a KiCad 4 project, and I didn’t see the model until I zoomed out.

Correct settings for KiCad 5: x=-12.5754, y=-24.4508 (mm)
Correct settings for KiCad 4: x=-0.495094, y=-0.962598 (inches)

I thought, footprints could be used in both versions, as long no new features from V5 are used.
Has anyone found this bug too?
Should it be reported as a bug?

What about the keywords in the file format?
V5 seems to use offset and V4 seems to use at.

Greets, Karl

There are two different fields in the footprint file format. One is the at field and one is the offset field.
One of them is metric and only supported in kicad 5, one is imperial and supported by both. (but changing the footprint with v5 will convert it to the metric version if it is different to 0.)

I can not quite remember which field is for what but that should be easy for you do find out via a few experiments.

Great! Thanks for your words!

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