Missing TO92 footprint

I had a bunch of errors saying data could not be loaded from github, I found out that I had an outdated fp-lib-table so I replaced its content with the latest one from the kicad github repository, all fine no more errors but…
it appears I have some pretty basic packages missing, TO92 being one of them, in which library it is supposed to live ?

I just spent 30min looking around on google but could not find any useable information :frowning:

This is a perfect example of the state of the KiCad libraries. Prior to version 4 the TO92 footprints were in the “Discret” library. But they were terrible, silkscreen over pads, etc. I made my own. In version 4 they no longer seem to exist, which is an improvement! I recommend you get used to making your own footprints. At least until the library situation improves.

That’s too bad, I tried kicad a long time ago and finally went with eagle but I decided to get back to kicad recently and once I got used to its “weirdness” (for a newcomer nothing is as you expect, starting with having multiple applications) I really like it,the library is one thing I found quite puzzling and I already started making my footprints for a few component.
I guess I will just continue xD

I type Load Footprint, then List All (takes a few seconds)

Filter on TO-92 and I have roughly a dozen variants in this library


See above, Also, KiCad has a simple plot option to remove silkscreen from pads.

Nice catch, thanks but how the hell are you supposed to find out that this library host this footprint ?
In which application did you do “Load Footprint” -> “List All” ? One thing I deraly missed up to now is a search bar to find packages in all libraries when you associate footprints to components.

In PcbNew Place.Footprint then List All. and use the filter to shrink the thousands of hits to something more sane.

A friendly reminder . . . there is no industry standard for mapping BJT elements (E, B, C) to the three pins on a TO-92 package. After selecting a footprint, confirm that it’s compatible with your device.


p.s. - And don’t ask how this fact was impressed upon me.

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Ah, there they are. Thanks PCB_Wiz. Who uses “Place Footprint” anyway? :wink: Footprint Viewer in PCBNew is also a good place to look for footprints but it needs to be able to search all libraries not just the selected one. Of course the place where you search for footprints the most is in CvPcb which also lacks the ability to search all libraries.

At least those TO-92 footprints are better than the ones that were previously supplied in the library (which were called “TO92”).

Yes, you can remove silkscreen from pads when plotting, if you don’t the manufacturer often will, which tends to give the entire board an amateurish appearance. They simply should not be there in the first place.

Searching for “92” is much simpler on 4.1.0 builds of cvPCB with a search box