Missing Symbols

I downloaded the latest nightly build last night & anytime in want to place any new symbol I get an error message telling me that is unable to locate the following:


  • when I look in the symbols folder I can’t find the TTL or CMOS symbols

Any help would be appreciated




Thanks pedro,
But the download last night included the Symbols, looks like a bug where these were left out,



This is the danger of using nightlies. We are still in the process of tweaking the lib and some libs might still be renamed. You got the error because we removed the logic prefix from these lib names. (They currently hold more then only logic parts. They for example also hold analog multiplexers.)

More details about the drawbacks of using nighlies in this post

Now how to fix it. Update the symbol lib with the new lib names.

If you don’t have personal libs simply replace the sym lib table found in your users config folder with the one supplied with the libs.

If you have personal libs then use the symbol library manager to edit the entries or copy the entries for the effected libs via a text editor over from the repo sym lib table.

This can not be done automatically because kicad is missing information. (you could have removed some libs on purpose.)

Maybe is only teh re-arranging of the libraries.

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