Missing symbol automatic fuse

I miss some symbols in the standard library - e.g. “automatic fuse”. Are there any library extensions available or do I have to create the missing symbols by myself?

Many thanks - Michael

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By automatic fuse, do you mean resettable “Polyfuses” or a breaker?
Polyfuses are already there

I mean this kind of fuse:

In German it is called “Sicherungsautomat”.

Thanks - Michael

If I am not mistaken, in English the name is circuit breaker:

Thanks - but the part I am looking for is used on control panels for boats: It has a switch and a fuse in it.

But shouldn’t be a big problem to generate such a symbol.


FYI: There’s an IEC 617 lib in the works here

Not quite sure what you’re looking for, though. The symbol you posted above isn’t a miniature circuit breaker (“Sicherungsautomat”) but a load switch-disconnector with a fuse (“Sicherungslasttrennschalter”).


Note that kicad is a design program for printed circuit boards not a system design tool for control panels and the like. Which is reflected in the selection of symbols in the library (some things simply do not exist for a pcb that exist for full systems).

And also in the feature set (of the top of my head i can think of)

  • there is no direct tool to represent wires
  • the part numbering (reference designator) does not include the page number
  • cross references do not exist in the way needed for large pagecount schematics
  • junctions do not indicate a merge direction as required for wired connections

So in conclusion: You use kicad for something it is not designed for. Which means you should not really be surprised if you find it lacking some things (library assets and features).

However i sadly can not suggest an open source tool for your usecase. The closest i know of is https://qelectrotech.org/. However it is nowhere near finished enough to be useable.

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Many thanks for clear positioning of KiCad! I inspected/“tested” several possible solutions (LibreOffice Draw, easyEDA, TinyCAD, ProfiCad, EdrawMax, Crocodile Physics / Yenka, …). ProfiCad seemed to come closest to my requirement spcifications but it is not open source.

Thus I will stay with KiCad and solve open problems by adjusting to available features. My current result comes very close to what I thought of.



I don’t find that Qelectrotech is far from being usable.
I use it regularly for some simple diagrams, merely for documentation purposes.

There have been some threads on this forum about using KiCad for electric panel work

I’ve also used KiCad for this myself. I do this maybe once every 3 years or so and have no interest in learning another program for this.
Biggest panel was for a CNC machine with a 1.5kW inverter, 3 stepper motor drivers some power supplies, fans etc.
I had to make some schematic symbols myself, which is quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it.

There is also a demo project for KiCad for some high power stuff that definitely will not fit on a PCB. On Linux it is in: