Missing parts in position file


After adding some diode arrays to my design, I find that the .pos file will not show X-Y positions for these 3 added diodes.I re-processed them through Cvpcb and re-imported the net list but nothing seems to make them show up in the position file. The board manufacturer is on hold until I can resolve this. My guess is that I’m missing some kind of centroid mark in the library part, any suggestions??
Computer is WIN XP, Kicad is 4.0.5. The footprint is SOT-363


Update- I find that checking the box “Force INSERT attribute for all SMD footprints” makes the three diode arrays appear in the position file. This is the first time I have encountered this issue, not sure what the INSERT attrib is or how you set it, time for more research…


What are the attributes of your part?
You should have normal+insert (or in nightly i think it is called SMD)


your SMD footprint has a wrong value for the insertion field.

In Nightly they have been renamed more explicitly:

  • Through Hole
  • SMD
  • Virtual


I think the attributes were wrong, as suggested. I checked them and they are now NORMAL+INSERT. I suspect that “Force INSERT attribute for all SMD footprints” may have automatically changed them in the library file. This is the first time that I have had an issue with this, usually I just use the default. Another useful lesson, thanks!


It doesn’t touch any library… it is only an option to force the generation of the position files for all footprints.


Then it is a mystery. Must have been something else other than the NORMAL+INSERT setting in the library.I can’t imagine what it could have been, parts are placed, nets are correct, but the diodes did not appear in the place file. In the future I will use the “Force INSERT attribute for all SMD footprints” checkbox at the fabrication outputs panel (until that causes some weird problem).l


This option will add also through hole parts to pos file which is not correct. Please have a check to footprint library more than inside the pcbnew file. There you will find the source of your issue.


Like hsieber, I say: “this is a mystery”. I fall on the exact same symptoms he described. like the magical change in the library. You may want to investigate…

Version: no-vcs-found-3ad3869~61-ubuntu14.04.1, release build

Thanks for such a nice product.