Missing parts in assigned footprints

Hello, i designed my own part for the first time. The symbol and the footprint are looking fine. After annotating this part has a “#” in the reference! Why? I have never seen that before.
After assigning the footprints this part is not listed.
In the symbol properties the footprint is listed.
The paths in the symbol and footprint libraries are ok.

Who can help?

The hash mark is used in the RefDes in KiCad to suppress a part from being propagated to Pcbnew (and probably also excludes it from the BOM).

I assume you typed it in accidentally. What if you remove the part, take a fresh copy from your library and do the annotation again?

If it still persists, then post the library with the part.

New users can not upload files here though. You have to accumulate half an hour of “viewing time” before the automated antij-spam measures lift that ban.

At a guess, check to make sure you didn’t select Define as power symbol in the symbol properties.

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I think the main problem that it was marked with power. Thanks!
I repaired the symbol and removed the “#”
The next thing was the link to a “rescue” library path. The repaired lib was not used. After linking it to the new lib and remove the “#” again and again it works now! Thanks!