Missing pads in vector (PDF and PS)

After ‘plot’ in ‘pcbnew’ some pads appear missed occasionally in some software.
I was reported ‘CorelDraw’ does not see some pads ‘Scribus’ does not when ‘GIMP’ or ‘evince’ do it well.
After long searches (as I already made bugreport) I came with reason PCBnew convert ovals as rounded lines when pad is round and listed as oval with equal X and Y it produces zero length line. some libs interpreting PDF and PS simply drop zero-length lines other draw them well.

So solve the problem I even codded a small utility which replaces PCBnew specific zero-length lines with circles, and optionally makes some manipulations with colours for maximum contrast.

Unfortunately this software solves one problem but creates another (it set the minimal width for some traces.)

(I’m really sorry, but i do not use GIT.
The software is written on C but don;t ask what as stile of codding it is.)

But after all of this long codding, is it any better solution, then such post processing of each file?

Can you give examples of footpints which cause this problem?


‘evince’ interprets F layer out of PostScript plot

‘scribus’ interpret F layer out of PostScript plot

It’s the whole project with erratic library. It is not the only library making such trouble, and I’m afraid it is not way to prohibit it in library because of everyone may set size XY equal for oval when authoring own footpring.