Missing libraries on opening a schematic


Just installed the kicad-r12301.73a0cbff6-x86_64.exe version and it is awesome :+1:

a couple of doubts:

I have installed the libs separately and configured it in the sym lib table.

and when opening eeschema, getting a missing libraries notification and i couldn’t find those libs in the sym lib table entries.not sure from were does its coming.

anybody else getting this error notification?

Pre 5.1 Windows Nightlies

This could be because your project was orignaly made in version 4. Version 4 stored the libraries used by a project inside the schematic file. (the library names look to me like the version 4 lib names.)

It might be that you have not properly remapped your project: Converting KiCad version 4 projects to version 5 (Remap a project)


No I think, I was opened a simulation schematic made in a little older nightly, to confirm again just created a test project with new schematic and please find it below:



still get the error and the .pro file has those missing lib’s entries, how come it is?


I can not look at this right now. The only info i can provide is that these library names tell me that you somehow have version 4 libs added to your project. (Either via the old way of having lib names inside the normal kicad files or via one of the library tables.)

Did you base your project on a template?



The personal lib location has library from the V4 days up to V5, its got added occasionally and I added that to the global sym lib table along with the “kicad-symbols” ,
but that location doesn’t have those libs physically as mentioned on the error screenshot on the 1st post.

actually what is the difference between V4 and V5 symbol libs other than the version strings? it is compatible right?

EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.3
#encoding utf-8

EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.4
#encoding utf-8


This is not a serious issue, but wondering that from were those lib entries coming
(deleted the AppData\Roaming\kicad - folder during 5.02 to nightly update)


The difference is simply that we reorganized the libs. Meaning that you run into problems if you mix v4 libs with v5 libs. You can happily use a v4 lib setup in version 5 but you can not expect the v4 symbol libs to play nice with the v5 footprint libs. (or the v4 footprint libs with the v5 3d model libs)

And there clearly is a problem with your setup as you get an error message. The only thing i can say without checking your files is that the error message lists only version 4 libs. This is why i somehow suspect that you have version 4 libs in you library setup but not on your disc (a typical problem that ocours when porting a v4 project to v5 with v5 setup with v5 libs.)


This commit fixed a bug has caused some users to pick up a project table as a default, quite recently


Close, but not quite. V4 stored the schematic library list in the .pro file. Same effect though. (I still occasionally get this on my older projects, and it keeps happening unless I either manually save the project file or do something that would automatically save the project file. Just saving the schematic file often won’t strip the old library list out of the project file.)


You are right the full list is stored in the pro file in kicad 4 projects. But for some reason the sch files also contain a list of libs. (The pro file however is where the search paths are defined.)