Missing graphics

While there are footprints for things like Designed with KiCad and Creative Commons, there do not appear to be the corresponding graphics for the schematic editor. If I add the footprints in the PCB editor the next time I update the PCB from the schematic, where I have it set to delete parts that are no longer present, the footprints get deleted.
I’m surprised that there are no graphics for these yet the footprints are available unless I’m looking in the wrong place in the symbols.

You’re welcome to submit them, they’d be nice to have :slight_smile:

I have a little yellow box symbol that I sometimes use as a generic schematic representation for a silkscreen decal.

In v6, there’s a new option that might be better depending on your persuasion. You can edit the footprint properties and check “not in schematic”. That should keep it from being deleted when you update board from schematic. There’s also a corresponding “exclude from board” option for symbols for the reverse situation.

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