Missing Functions on python API

Hey, i would like to implement several plugins to import special datastructs into kicad. Some things worked fine, but other things weren’t possible.
Is there a way to load the netlist with python? It was very easy to create the net file but I didn’t find an API function for that
I there a way to update all Footprints from the library with python?

Your question prompted me to review the current KiCad Python documentation. I don’t see a python function to reload the netlist or to update footprints. You could possibly use python to navigate the wxPython windows and call functions on those windows. I use wxPython, for example, to insert a new dockable window in both LayerViewSet and KiCommand. Any such script would be heavily dependent on GUI changes, however. Maybe someone else knows about calling, from Python, KiCad commands that are available n the GUI.