Missing footpring and 3D model for Johanson X2Y Cap 0603

I can’t find a footprint and 3D model (it is less important) for X2Y capacitors from Johanson Dielectrics, specifically in 0603 SMT package. Here is a capacitor part number 500X14W103MV4T.
Hope that anybody may provide it/them to me, together with an explanation about how to add them to KiCAD libraries.
Thank you

If this doesn’t work you might try modifying one of these. I find it easier to find footprints in PCBnew.

To ‘hermit’: thank you, but these are “regular” SMT packages with 2 pins. The one that I am looking for (X2Y) has 4 pins, and all 4 have different meaning.

No library will ever have assets for every component imaginable. You will need to learn how to make symbols and footprints for your parts:

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You really need to link to a datasheet for such things. When I searched it I did not come up with a 4 pin item.

Hi, you are right.
Here is a link to series datasheet https://www.johansondielectrics.com/emi-filter-decoupling-capacitors

When I decided to move to KiCad I started from doing many footprints according to my needs, then doing symbols of elements I plan to use and then I tried do draw a first schematic and made a first PCB (using only symbols and footprints from my libraries). I didn’t made any footprint ‘from scratch’ but always I copied one from KiCad library and modified it.
Modifying footprint is 100 times simpler task then designing PCB.

I agree, although 100 is exaggeration. It’s actually closer to 99.

I rounded 99 to 100 :slight_smile:

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