Missing ECO Procedure?

I drew the schematic, did all the checks and created the fab files. Now we want to add more circuitry.

Can’t do a multi-sheet schematic. Have to go through the hierarchy nonsense. Oh well, it’s not difficult. Created the new footprints, did the tests and associations, and then…

ALL the footprints appeared, including the ones already on the board.

Figure I must have missed something. Any suggestions?

Did you change the annotation between your last import? If you did then select the other match method.

What annotation? What other match method?

The annotation is the set of all reference designators. (You know R1, C5, …)

The match method is if kicad uses the annoation or the hidden unique id of symbols and footprints to find which footprint is connected to which symbol.

In v4 it was called by timestamp vs by reference. I have no idea what it was called in v5.0.x. In v5.1.x the options are “keep existing symbol to footprint ascosiation” vs “re ascociate footprints by reference” (The former should work if you did not damage the underlying data structure of your schematic while adding new stuff. You can always try the second option if the first did not give you the correct result.)

Thanks, Rene. I’ll get back to it in a while and check it again, and try what you suggested.

from V5.1.2. Menu "Update PCB from schematic

try using the other option

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