Missing crosshair in PCBnew

Hi all,

I am using Windows Kicad 4.0.7 and I am just wondering if other users have this experience before.

I’m doing routing in PCBnew default view and I keep switching back and forth between canvas to default and canvas to OpenGL.

I noticed that when I edit in OpenGL view and I put in do not show filled areas in zones and after editing the trace, I switch back to default view and click on show filled areas in zones, clicked on add filled zones and press shortcut b for refill zone.

I noticed that my crosshair is gone in default view and I do not know why. And I want the crosshair for reference but it went missing.

What I did was saved my work and open PCBnew again and crosshair is back.

May I ask do I have to close the PCBnew and open again when I keep switching default and OpenGL view?

Any feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

P.S sorry for the long text and no SS

Are you using Windows 10?

Yes I am using Windows 10.

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