Missing Connection Check for Power Symbols?


I have run into a special problem in my last design and created a test-project to confirm it.

As you can see the lower +3V3 power symbol is not connected to the line connecting to pin 2 of the connector. This leads to a unconnected pin in the layout. Neither the ERC in Eeschema (where I would expect an error message) nor the DRC of Pcbnew will raise an error here.

For not-power symbols a unconnected pin like this will show up as error in the ERC. Is there a reason why the check is not also done for power symbols?

With labels you can also have this problem.

best regards.

test.zip (16.8 KB)

Missing checks for unconnected power symbols is a known (reported) issue. I am in mobile and can not really search for the issue right now soi will add a link later today.

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