MISSING CMOS 4000 - Dual 3-Input NOR gate plus inverter


Hi all, the library CMOS starts with 4001 but there is also the 4000 device that is missing.
Does anyone have a 4000 library symbol dual 3 input nor and one inverter?

It should be included into the official 4000 cmos logic library.



There are many gaps in the 4XXX libraries, the common CD4007 for a start
You can raise an issue on the GitHub symbols tracker, but making your own symbol is easy.
The 4007 is an oddball mixed function device, so units are definitely not interchangeable


Which i will promptly close as we do not take “make this symbol (or footprint)” requests. The only legitimate way to have such an issue surviving is if the asset in question existed in an older version of the library. (We would drown in such requests if we would allow them.)


Hi, I added the 4009 and 4010 buffers.
You can see them in my github:


If you like, have a look.



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