Missing 3-D models for KiCad 5


I noticed that models for things like the QFN-16-1EP_3x3mm_P0.5mm_EP2.7x2.7mm_ThermalVias are missing in KiCad 5 yet the STEP and WRL models are present in the older git libraries. Is there a reason they weren’t added to KiCad 5?


Some weren’t up to snuff or ‘not yet’ up to snuff I guess. I used one out of the old libs and had to make some adjustments to it.


I found a number of old ones that also were perfectly fine, such as Housings_DFN_QFN.3dshapes/QFN-16-1EP_3x3mm_Pitch0.5mm.step for FN-16-1EP_3x3mm_P0.5mm_EP2.7x2.7mm_ThermalVias.


this is for the one with EP size = 1.65x1.65mm.

Meaning it can not be used to represent the QFN-16-1EP_3x3mm_P0.5mm_EP2.7x2.7mm_ThermalVias footprint. (2.7 ≠ 1.65)


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