Mirroring footprints in Pcbnew(not geometry just coordinate)

I have a symmetric hole pattern I want to follow on one side(say the right one) and I’d like to select all those holes on the right after placing them and mirroring them symmetrically across the Y axis,
Is there a standard builtin kicad tool to do it? (Similar to the circular patter tool)

If not, is there an available tool that someone made to do this task?

Have you tied the ‘Create array’ tool under the ‘Special tools…’ contextual menu? (Cmd T on macOS)

Just need to know how far to the midline.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 16.05.15
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 16.07.57

I just selected a whole PCB, then:

  • Press [Ctrl + c] to copy it.
  • Click the mouse somewhere to unselect the selection.
  • [Ctrl + V] to paste, which attaches the copy to the mouse cursor.
  • Press f to flip the board (This mirrors the PCB, flips Front and Back copper and footprints, etc)
  • Place it somewhere.

The result looks like:

From there on you can delete what you don’t need, or you could have put more effort into only selecting what you wanted in the first place.

The circular pattern tool is for the footprint editor. You can’t add footprints with pin numbers in pcbnew without the schematic connections.

No problem in v5.1.10 - can make Circular Array and No need for Schematic (the pin numbers remain as defined in the Footprint). I’m not going to bother testing schematic and annotating, re-setting numbers… Since I use Schematics only 25% of the time, 75% of my work is done exclusively in PCBnew…

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