Mirror printing in KiCad 5.1.0 - shrinking pads in one axis

Hi all,
I use printing function for direct printing PCB layouts to laser-printer transparent foil. For upper cooper layer it must be mirrored. When there are pads other than rectangular with longer axis in Y direction(no matter if THT or SMD), their shape is distorted by shrinking in one axis. Rectangular pad are printed without distortion. When the layer is printed without mirroring, everything is OK. Older version (5.0.2) is printing without problems.

Print with mirror ON:

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Please report it to the bug database https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/. There are some other problems with mirrored printing, too.

Basically printing with Print menu isn’t the only option, you can also try Plotting to PDF.

i had this problem too, to work around it i mirror the image in the system print dialog.
iirc this also happened when plotting to pdf.

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