Mirror PCB (before drawing)


I just wanted to know if it’s possible to do a miror of a face on PCB ? ( Not for drawing but before)

Ty for help :slight_smile:

What is the use of this?

If you tell us more of your case, then we may have better ideas.

Does this mean you want to reverse-engineer a PCB?
Make a picture of the bottom, then mirror it and put it in KiCad as if you see through the PCB? Image editors almos always have some function to mirror images.

In Pcbnew, if you select a block and press “f” for flip, then it’s put to the other side of the PCB (and mirrored around the X-axis.

Yep i’m doing some reverse-engineering of a card and it could be good if i can have a miror of the face cause it will be like i see the card. the flip don’t make it mirror :confused: I will try with an image editors

‘Menu’ ‘View’ ‘Flip Board View’


Thank you so much :smiley:

You can make it easier for yourself if you have a bit of knowledge of image manipulation programs.

Working from (good ! ) pictures of the PCB can be a lot easier than working from the PCB itself. For example, you can take pictures from the front and from the back of the PCB, then in an image program flip the pictures from the back of the PCB.
After that (and a bit of stretching & scaling, dependent on how good your pictures are) you can import the pictures in different layers in your graphics program and you can work with transparency to have a view of both the components and the backside of the PCB in a single picture.

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