Minor errors after upgrade

Hi @ChrisGammell-

After the upgrade, the flair are being served over http://, which is blocked in Chrome for mixed content (unless users change the default setting)

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Ah, that’s actually on me, I must have typed in the address wrong. It should be fixed now and should propagate shortly.

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I see a lock on the Chrome toolbar now, I assume this is good for you now?

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All good now

It seems that kicad_pcb extension files wouldn’t get correctly handled
see i.e. this file
bspline-dxf.kicad_pcb (3.3 KB)

Hunh, that was never added to the authorized extensions on here. I just added it, might take a bit to propagate. Did it work in the past?

If I remember correctly it worked.

it seems that also other kicad extensions were allowed and are not working anymore:
i.e. ‘.kicad_mod’
‘kicad_mod’ allowed to upload but not for download