Minimum Via Drill in V6?

Hi Kicad forum!

In Kicad 5 there was an option in the Board Setup menu in Pcbnew to set both Minimum via diameter as well as minimum via drill.

Now since I started using Kicad 6, I can only find the Minimum Via diameter but not the minimum via drill.
Where do I find it, or how do I add it?

PCB Editor / Edit / Set track & Via Properties / Via Drill… down the bottom in the middle.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m not able to change that value in the “Set track & Via Properties”, only by opening up Board setup and clicking Net Classes and change it there (and after clicking OK it has changed in Set track & Via properties as well).

Is this the correct way of going about setting the minimum via drill?

Sorry, real life… washing dishes called. :slightly_frowning_face:

You now predefine your via size and drill (hole… should say drill… a bit ambiguous), next one below constraints in board set-up.
Place via, right click and select size and drill of via from your predefined list or use a custom value for that via.

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