Minimum current, current amplifier

let me take Talema AZ with the primary current of 0-25A as an example . what minimum current can be measured with it?
can we get any registrable voltage at its ouput such as at the current of 5mA on its primer?

Why don’t you look at the description (PDF)

than you for sharing the description PDF. I did not have one. This one will be helpful. Thank you so much

If you zoom in at the graph in the datasheet, then you see non-lineairities appearing at currents below 1A

You certainly cant expect any accuracy for a 5mA current and it seems unlikely that it would give any output at all, but it’s a cheap sensor and you can always try.

The most sensitive version is the AZ-0500 which has an output of 2V @30A.
For 5mA that would be:

2/30 = 67mV per ampere
0.06666 * 0.005 = 333uV

The advantage of this type of current sensors is that they have a big hole in the middle.
Maybe there are current transformers that can measure in the mA range, and just go into saturation at higher currents. That way you may be able to put two current transformers on your wire for different ranges.

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