Migrating projects/symbols/footprints fron v6 to v7?

What would be the proper way to migrate all projects and custom symbol and footprint and model libraries from v6 to v7? It seems v7 created new directories on macOS. So I’m wondering if there are any documentation available here or on KiCad webpages how to migrate properly.

Here is a thread about Migrating to 6 from 5. I think the process is similar: Guide for migrating projects from 5 to 6? - #12 by jmk

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There are no format changes between 6 & 7.
To migrate a 6 project to 7, simply open that 6 project in 7 and “save”. That is all.
For your personal footprint and symbol libraries, add them using the symbol and footprint managers in “Preferences”. 3D libraries just work.
Hope this helps.

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