Migrating personal libraries "in bulk" to the latest 6.0

I’ve been migrating personal libraries individually every time I install a new 5.99 or 6.0.
In schematic I have nine libraries.
Is there a way to install in bulk?


As with all data in KiCad, library visibility / install is handled by simple readable and editable text files, and can therefore be managed with a text editor. A bit of copy & paste can “install” your 9 personal libraries, or if you plan on doing this often you can write a script for it.

The files you want are “sym-lib-table” and “fp-lib-table”. Search the FAQ for these.

EDIT: install.

I’ve been copy/paste individually every time I use a new 5.99 and now 6.0.
It isn’t any real effort.
It only just occurred to me that there may be a way to install personal libraries “in bulk”.
I looked, but couldn’t find anywhere, nor did I recall it ever mentioned, so I asked here.

If any one ever asks, they may find this thread, or, someone reading this, may enlighten a person asking.

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