Migrating our Altium libraries to Kicad

Hi all,

We are trying to migrate our symbol and footprint libraries from Altium to Kicad. These are OUR libraries and have nothing to do with Altium’s standard libs.

All our libraries have detailed parameters for each part, that way when we use a part in the schematic it is completely resolved (footprint, 3D model, BOM, etc.)

Using version 6.0 rc1, importing an Altium schematic into Kicad is almost perfect. The few issues in Eeschema translation are mostly alignment to grid and are easy to fix. Our extended parameters show when clicking on each part. We are not sure how to relate the footprint library to the schematic part.

Additionally, we tried to create a schematic library from the imported design, but our parameters disappear from the created lib.

Any help is appreciated!