Migrating from V6.99 to V7.0

I’ve been using V6.99 nightly and am ready to transition to V7.0 nightly.

From reading threads, it looks like V7.0 installs in a new 7.0 directory.

During the install, does V7.0 pick up the paths to user libraries (symbols, footprints, 3D parts, etc.) automagically? Or do I need to be prepared with all the paths? Or?


At the moment there is only 7.0.0-rc.

7.0.0-rc is just the re-named 6.99. The stable 7.0.0 will be released soon™.
If you have downloaded any nightly in the last fortnight, you will find it is named 7.0.0-rc

Kicad V7 libraries will install themselves if the “recommended” installation is followed.
Personal libraries will have to be installed by the user.

That depends on your OS.