Microchip-sponsored KiCad seminar?

Did anyone else see this $299 seminar? It was announced in the Microchip twitter feed, but I can’t tell if they’re really the ones doing it.

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“Mchipguru” seems to be a " MICROCHIP Authorized Platinum Level Master Consultant".

I propose we double our fee for the forum. :wink:


Propose to consider another thing regarding a Kicad seminar (or better webinar): Unlike other big open source projects Kicad as a EDA suite has typically diffrent users. Many of them have years of experience with embedded C beside their hardware job. Even if familiar with GCC, remaining tools, systems, protocols, libraries like RTOS, state diagrams, JTAG debuggers are quite diffrent from the PC enviroment using launchpad, cmake, git, github, gitlab, wxwidgets, script-interfaces, gettext … There seems hundreds of excellent ideas and external scripts from those users. For contributors, the only thing I found, are some style conventions for code and UI. With examples for tools and workflow, code structure and where to find what in the huge repository, the barrier to contribute useful patches could be lowered. Enabling motivation and power of those users probably pushes the Kicad project more than a trial to guide new users on how to draw a schematic

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