Micro Via not allowed

Hi, I have placed some Buried/MIcro vias from top layer to 2. and 3. layer GND and VDD.
Problem is DRC says that they are not allowed. Now, I’ve searched for answers and some of them are pointing (also the manual that came along with KiCad) to Setup->… menu which does not exist anymore.
And all answers I find is to look in: Design Rules | Design Rules: Global Design Rules tab click “Allow micro vias.”
But I cannot find this anywhere :frowning: any one know where to set this?

Well as a start at least give us the kicad version information. After all you already discovered that the graphical interface changes between versions so …

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Sorry yeah just came to think about that. AND, I found it.

I’m running 5.1.7 and it is in Board Setup->Design Rules (tree expand node)
My bad I never thought about kicad putting items on an expand tree node.

Thanks for responding quickly, and sorry for being dumb

It’s not dumb, many many others have been mislead by those “expand nodes” and it has been changed in the development version so that only the leaf nodes have pages.

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Ok, thanks - and how amazing that changes are being made so quickly due to users wishes! Amazing, now I will try to find the donate button :slight_smile:

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Too slow :slight_smile: Already been there, like 20 seconds after I wrote the above.

Nothing is stopping you from going there again. :wink:

Actually my idea is for each PCB that I sell I will donate $5 and we do sell, so we will see.
It’s funny how one can keep using the old tool because of habits and trying other tools are just annoying… Until you have tried them for a while and then they become a habit.
KiCad will become a habit. No doubt…

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