Messed up page numbers

Doing my first big project with KiCad (8.0.2-1, MacOS Sonoma). Two levels of hierarchy, 16 total pages generated from 10 schematic files. Page Id numbers are a mess.

In the “Schematic Hierarchy” pane, some of the numbers are blank (but at least they seem stable).

On the screen, the numbers in the title block differ from those in the hierarchy pane, and are often duplicates (several “Id: 1/16”, for example). Printout has the same problems as the screen, but the numbers are different! The Id numbers sometimes change (I haven’t figured out what action causes this).

For example, at the moment there’s a page two levels down where the hierarchy view shows “(page )”, the screen shows “Id: 16/16”, and the printout shows “Id: 13/16”.

Can this be repaired?

You can rename page numbers. If you open the hierarchial sheet navigator. I thought hotkey was Ctrl H?

Than you can right click the sheets and assign other numbers.

Hope that solves your problem :coffee:


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Thanks. That half solved it: numbers on the screen are now consistent. The printout is still wrong, though.

I don’t print things from KiCad so I cannot help you with that unforunately

Out of curiosity, does it matter if you Print vs Plot? Printing uses your OS / printer driver, Plotting is a KiCad specific system.

PDF files created using Plot have correct page numbers. PDF files created using Print don’t. Thanks!

Can you file a bug report for this please?