Menu that pops up when you click and hold - can it be disabled?

Hi! There’s a menu that pops up whenever you hold down the left mouse button while in the PCB-Editor. (Usually when clicking on a pad to drag it)
Is there any way to disable it?

I have some pads I need to move around using the keyboard, and every time I click on one and hold in the mouse button, it brings up the menu instead, and cycles through the pad and the footprint instead of moving the component.


in KiCad it is not really possible to drag directly without selecting first, as such if you want to drag an element, you click once to selected and then you drag it around (no pop up), or you click to to selected and the press ‘m’ and then drag it around, if you just place your cursor on top and do a long click, you activate the disambiguation dialog for the selection.

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That’s the problem, I DID select first, but holding the left mouse button in will bring up the menu afterwards anyway.

The M key is the solution I was looking for. I think that’ll do what I need it to do. Thank you!

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