Menu bar issue / no tooltips showing


Hello together,
my name ist Hans Ulrich and I am living in Germany. I am new to KiCad and also this forum after playing around with Eagle in the past and some theoretical knowledge. I have already realized some smaller designs also with Kicad and I like it.
I have a working installation under WIN8.1 with version 5.0.1 and also an installation with OpenSUSE Leap 42.2. and version KiCad 5.0.2. under KDE Plasma 5.8.6
My Linux version shows a strange behaviour while not showing the more detailed meaning of any of the menu bar or side bar topics when touching with the mouse. This is seen in Eeschema, Pcbnew,… Only a white rectangle is opened without text content. I did some searching by Google but I did not find any hints.
Is this known to anybody and could it be related to my system or any settings?
Thank you for your advice
Hans Ulrich

Ver 5.0.2 pcbnew tooltips

I think the name of these highlights is “tooltip” (At least i assume this is what you mean.)

I do not think there is a system setting to disable them but maybe check some other application if it has tooltips. (example use inkscape as a testcase the buttons in the left toolbar should have tooltips.)
If the other program does indeed not show tooltips either then there is some problem with your operating system. (Either it really has a setting for this or there is a problem with your window renderer.)
Otherwise it is more likely a problem of kicad or at least the library used by kicad to create the tooltips. In which case reporting it on the bugtracker might be the best course of action.

You could also wait a few days with reporting and test it in v5.1 first as it might fix the issue.


Change the Gnome/GTK2 application style in KDE settings.


Hello all,

thank you for your help and hints. The “tooltip” hint was the right topic and the solution.
Now it works also fine under Linux.

Hans Ulrich


I have edited the title to reflect the accepted name for this feature - ‘tooltip’. This issue was also recently raised by another user.


You could change tootip to tooltip :slight_smile:


Why autocorrect would prefer tootip to tooltip is beyond me. Shouldn’t do edits on my phone. :roll_eyes: