Mechanical NPTH Question

I am creating a footprint and 2 of the pads are holes that do not require through hole plating. I selected ‘NPTH, Mechanical’ for the hole and then set the pad and the hole size to the same - see the LHS pad below. My question is, is this the correct way to do it? So the finished item will have 3 standard THP pads and then the two outer ones will be just the oval holes with no plating or copper.


I always set the pad size to zero, or at least much smaller than the NPTH.
You don’t want a sliver of copper to remain if the NPTH isn’t aligned perfectly.

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Why not just not place any pad in the first place? See for example this circular mounting hole in the library that has no pad.

This sounds like a good approach - I’ll try that - thanks.

The hole has to be oval to take the clip that latches into the PCB. I guess what you are saying is I should just modify the hole?