Measuring distance


If I have two components on a PCB, how do I place component number two, exactly say an inch from the other?
Is there a quick way to measure?
Or the size of the PCB - how do I quickly measure it?
Do you have to subtract the start point from the end point to get distance?
Is there any way of placing your cursor on one point, click the mouse button (hold it in) and move the cursor to point two and get the distance between the points?


The spacebar (reset coordinates) and the bottom right of the screen (dx, dy, distance) are your friends. I’m sure you’ll be aligning and measuring stuff in no-time :wink:


You will find coordinates of on bottom of the window: Z, X, Y and dx, dy, dist
Set appropriate resolution of grid in mil or mm.
Place/Grid origin

  1. Use scroll wheel to zoom in and position mouse over point 1
  2. Press spacebar -> this will reset dx, dy and dist values to 0
  3. Position mouse over point 2
  4. Read values of dx, dy and dist
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Amazing!!! Works like a charm,



You can also place the footprint one on top of the other, select the one you want to move, right click (or ctrl + m) and select move exactly.