Measurement Tool not available in Legacy Toolset

If I try the measurement tool I get the error message “Measurement Tool not available in Legacy Toolset”. What does this mean?

Press F11.

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Thanks Jim… I guess I should read the menu items closer :blush:


To Bob,

It can be difficult to figure out what a new user actually wants.

I read your question while I had food for dinner on the grill outside. This left me with the choice of burning my food to give you the long version of the answer, or just go back to grilling as mostly normal in timing my perfect dinner.

My food was perfect, it seems you got your answer fairly quick, and everything else seems to be in alignment.

Welcome to the Forum!

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So . . . . what’s for dinner? I could have thrown in a cheesy-peasy salad, and a pasta salad, then we’d all go see the musical “Matilda”. (Along with the rest of the hoi-polloi riff-raff in the Free Seats.)


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