Measurement bug

I’ve been experimenting a bit with the “Measure” tool.

At first I thought it was just sloppy mouse movement, but the measurement tool does not always start on the “active” gridpoint. It seems that at about 20% of the times you start a measurement, the startpoint is one gridpoint further in the direction you are measuring. Sometimes (1 out of 20 cases or so) the start of the measurement is even 2 grid points off. This seems to be happening more often on very small grids (0.01mm).

I’ve seen it on both metric and imperial grids.
I’ve also seen it both in Pcbnew and in the Footprint Editor.

I have a pretty old (11year) and slow PC, but it’s still good enough for almost everything I do. This may make the bug more pronounced though.

Does anybody else see this?

Another mini bug in the measurement function is that with very small values it looses resolution. Instead of 10 repreats of “0.01mm” I would have prefered to see values from 10 to 20 um, but the “micrometer” units are not used at all.
I noticed this some time ago when another user opened a thread here because he was not able to route a track between 2 THT pins and I wanted to measure clearance values, and for that, the ruler with high resolution is a pretty nice feature.
In a more generals sense I would like addition of [um] as units added to all places where other unites can be entered, but that is probably better handled as a separate bug / wishlist.

This might be the case when you do a “Click+Drag”. Does it also happen when you start the measurement tool by “Click + release”?

It only happens if I click and drag the ruler.
If I click on the start point and then move to draw the ruler it works as expected.

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