Measurement BUG in PcbNew [opengl canvas]

I’ve been noticing that in OpenGL when changing between in and mm, and also different grid sizes, that the “grid” remains accurate, yet the displayed measurement in the lower right bar gets out of sync. The upper left origin of 0,0 remains correct.Both times I have notice this, the Y axis was correct, it only affected the X axis.
First, is this a known bug?
I don’t know the exact steps to recreate this one. However, I am working with a combination of in and mm parts on my board so I am swapping between the grid and the measurement.
The legacy canvas is not affected, and switching to the legacy and back to OpenGL “resets” the measurement issue and it goes back to normal.
I don’t recall ever seeing this issue before I started to use the auto-router features; but I have no way of knowing if this is in any way related.