MCP73831 to microcontroller connection

Hello i would like to know how can i connect the MCP73831 component to the microcontroller via the STAT pin .

You give so little background information that I could reply for example “with a copper wire”. Give more information - links to datasheets, screenshots of your design, and tell what you’re trying to make and what exactly is your problem and how it’s related to KiCad.


Or even a copper track on a piece of PCB

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This is a kiacd (pcb design tool) specific forum. If you need general help for microcontrollers then i suggest you look at either or a forum specific to your micro controller series (maybe even one specific to your first language. For german speakers there is for example the forum)

If the question is how to do it in kicad then you will need to give more details as already requested.

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