MCP73831 LiPo charger heat dissipation layout


I made a layout from the MCP73831 datasheet.
I attach project for anyone to use, change and improve.
I must say, it took me around two hours and Kicad is absolutely crazy good!

However, it would enhance my happiness if I were able to reuse this layout as … well I don’t know - a footprint?

So that every time I design a LiPo charger in my board, I’d just click, add power connectors and off we go… For now, I will just use this project as starting project to add some other stuff.

Is such kind of super-footprint possible?

Grid is 50 mils, bottom is blue, I like it more than green :slight_smile:

Full project archive: (10.5 KB)

I changed the standard SOT23-5 lib, the pads were too short for MCP73831 chip.

Best regards and have fun,

You could try “Append Sheet” then “Append Board”. It’s like a big copy&paste. Do it in the schematics, then generate the netlist, then do it in the layout.
Not as streamlined as super footprints though.
You need to start eeschema and pcbnew in stand alone to have these options the File menu.


This metod will do :slightly_smiling: