MC6847 Symbol for Schematic/PCB

Hello folks,

I am building a project, and need MC6847 symbol (is a GPU), but in kicad only have 6845 (GPU Too, but less than 6847)

Thanks a lot.
Moacir Jr.

When posting these requests please provide a link to the appropriate data sheet.

Hermit, sorry, my first place in this forum.,… I do not understand you comment… Datasheet you means the pinout of the symbol?

The manufacture’s datasheet is always the best reference. Is this what you are using? If this isn’t too different from the 45 you might just want to make the changes to it and save it in a personal library.

wow, what a shame… it went blank… datasheet, of course… yes yes… I use it directly…

I just wanted to know if there was already a lib with the symbol for schematic and pcb of the 6847, but I don’t think there is for kicad… I’ll see to create a new symbol…

Thanks for the help, and sorry for being so wrong about what a datasheet was… wow…

No worries or apologies needed. If the 45 isn’t that different it might only need a few modifications to make it a 47. Just remember to save it to a new library that isn’t in the official library path because you will lose it on updates. That will save you a lot of time. Also, if you make it from scratch, it doesn’t have to be all one unit. A package with that many pins can be a mess on the schematic. You can make it in logical units to break it up. Maybe a bit more confusing for a beginner though.

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You should take a look here.