MC1488 and MC1489 Library

Is there a library that I can download that has the above IC’s? I can’t find it in the installed library.

Thanks in advance.


Did you look in Snapeda site?

Both chips are there.


It takes a couple of minutes to create your own.

Those are ancient.
Inverting line buffers for RS232 If I remember well.

Why not simply make a copy of a TTL inverter, put it in a custom library and change the RefDes and pin assignment?

Thank you. All comments noted. Yes, it’s and old chip. In 1990, I have made a circuit using the 7404, 1488 and 1489 for TTL to RS-232 and vice versa. I wanted to make an electronic schematic and save it as my collection of circuits. I updated the device using the MAX232 chip.

For some reason in the 80s the 1488 and 1489 were usually drawn as the four buffers in a single symbol, rather than as units.

Horrible things, they were sensitive to ESD and the MC1488 power supply sequencing. We used them by the lorry load at Racal Milgo